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Friday, 19 August, 2016

A Child - The Greatest Masterpiece


When a parent involves a child in food planning and preparation, they’re statistically more likely to eat a wider variety of healthy food.

When a parent is involved in a child’s education, helping them with homework and reading to them at night, they’re statistically more likely to enjoy better results.

It kind of works the same with photographing a child.  If they’re involved in the set design, styling and location, they’re statistically* more likely to be part of an exciting, successful shoot.

“If I engage the children in the creative process, ask them to choose their favourite place, perhaps a beach or the funfair, or invite them to cover a tree in pink tulle and pompoms to make it ‘magic’, we’re definitely going to have more fun and achieve better results,” says Samantha.   

Interestingly, unlike many photographers, something Samantha will rarely do is ask the youngsters to pose.  “I prefer natural candid shots.  Sometimes, in fact often, the best moments come completely unexpectedly so it’s vital to have eyes in the back of your head.  Ask a child to stick out their tongue for the next shot and the chances are you’ll get the smile and laughter you’re after for the one that follows.  In fact that trick works with adults too!”

Samantha photographs some clients’ children each year as they holiday on the Island, bringing a new baby sibling or cousin with them every time. 

“It’s so rewarding to be able to capture the children growing up.  From a spontaneous childlike giggle to a shy teenage glance, human nature provides so much inspiration and beauty, and children are generally the most expressive subject of all.”  

*statistics by Samantha Hemsley Photography!

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