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Wednesday, 04 June, 2014


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Raising awareness for Breast Cancer

I met Ana earlier this year when I'd offered to donate a few of my Vogue day photoshoots to cancer patients in Mallorca, where I live. She's 27 and a doctor and one of the most remarkable women I've met. Our first shoot was in February, by then she'd already had a breast removed and was about to begin her chemo. As we didn't know each other at all, we agreed to begin with just she and I and to keep it simple and casual at my home, it was the day before she was due to have her hair shaved off. I can't say that it was going to be easy for me, it wasn't, my mother died having been diagnosed with breast cancer and this was bound to bring all sorts of emotions to the fore. But Ana's strength and laughter made the afternoon one I will always treasure. Since then we've had a few shoots and created some whacky pictures. I'm always blown away by the work my makeup artist Susie does with all my clients, she also gave her time for this project and we've all had fun. 

I went with Ana and her friend, her mum and her sister to Monna Lisa, where Ana was going to have her head shave in readiness for the hairloss expected with her chemo. An odd and theatrical wig shop, full of mannequin heads, wigs and blank expressions all seeming to be watching one of the most emotional experiences a woman can go through.  She was remarkable, perhaps the doctor in her gives her her calm strength, the love of her family her astonishing courage, the support and words of encouragement from her friends her confidence.

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