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Monday, 31 October, 2016

Blue Rinse Pinup

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Frank was given the nickname ‘Blue Rinse Pinup’ by Jason Moore, Managing Editor of Majorca Daily Bulletin.  It’s a nickname Frank hates because he thinks he’s being mocked and teased, but actually he should be rather proud.

Frank instinctively had the same reaction when regular Radio One Mallorca studio guest, Sarah Drane, suggested he ‘modelled’ for Samantha Hemsley Photography.  “I don’t want to be made to look a fool”, he fretted. 

Samantha responds, “What Frank doesn’t realise is that he is quite a big fish in the small Mallorca pond.  Chairman of Mallorca Cricket Club, a popular Majorca Daily Bulletin columnist for 15 years and a much-loved radio presenter for first Calvia Radio, then Luna Radio, and now Radio One Mallorca, he’s amassed legions of fans, among them a large number of ladies ‘of a certain age’.  His pinup status is one he should revel in, not reject – and I definitely had no plans to make him look like a ‘fool’.”

“I had my reservations about the shoot,” said Frank.  “I was worried I would come across as an idiot.  Although I may have appeared blasé when I turned up at Samantha’s studio, I was a bag of nerves on the inside.  Having gulped a cold beer and had my hair quiffed and makeup applied by the lovely Susie, I relaxed into it, and actually began to enjoy the experience.  In fact I am not ashamed to say that even the hair and makeup process wasn’t unpleasant – it’s nice to be fussed over and made into a polished version of yourself.”

Samantha envisioned a strong, stylish, charming and genial Frank.  Taking inspiration from Pierce Brosnan to Jude Law, Jack Nicholson to Morgan Freeman, the ‘mood board’ was flirty but fun. 

Was Frank pleased with the results?

“I genuinely love the photos,” says Frank.  “What I like the most is that they look like me.  I may have been styled and posed but the images capture my personality in a raw natural way.  I think even the kids and grandkids might be happy to pop one on the mantelpiece – and that’s saying something as my kids are always happy to take the mickey out of their poor Dad.  If anyone else is thinking they’re too ‘old’ or too ‘normal’ to hire Samantha for a shoot, I am living proof that they’re not.”

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