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Monday, 05 September, 2016

Colour Explosion

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16-year-old model Amy Lily was chaperoned by her mother (the fabulous Bindu, owner of Palma’s finest and friendliest Indian restaurant) for the duration of the photoshoot.  This made it easier for us to discover the ‘real’ Amy Lily, as every time she answered a question, Bindu chipped in with supplementary information…

The first thing that strikes you about Amy Lily is her lithe physique.  She is all legs (heels or no heels) and would slip into sample-size designer frocks without having to breathe in.  This is why she’s already modelled for the likes of fashion brand aubergin (catalogue) and Valencian designer Francis Montesinos (catwalk).    

Samantha Hemsley Photography (SHP) – “Do you eat?”

Amy Lily (AL) – “Loads, all the time”

Bindu (B) – “She’s not kidding.  My daughter prefers healthy food but has a reputation for eating everything.  In fact my partner told her we were trying goldfish for dinner one day.  Amy Lily asked how best to eat one, take the head off first or just bite straight in.  He was kidding but it goes to show she literally has no problem eating anything.”

The (near) goldfish eating highlights another quality, Amy Lily is ever so slightly barking mad.  A fantastic quality to have when you need to ballet dance in a homemade tutu under an avalanche of white and orange powder.  Amy Lily couldn’t have cared less.  Just another day at the office.

Great attitude, incredible figure, versatile Indian beauty - is Amy Lily a supermodel in the making?      

AL – “I don’t want to be known as ‘just’ a model.  There is more to life than modelling.  Yes I am interested in fashion and yes I like to travel, but fame has its massive downsides.  I am currently studying administration at college in Palma and would ultimately like to get into event management.  Although if all fashion shoots were as fun as this one, I could change my mind…”

Isn’t it time you booked yours?

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