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Thursday, 31 December, 2015

Happy New Year

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I'm trying to declutter my photos in readiness for the New Year. It's job I love doing every year as I get to sift through old photos which as always bring back fond memories. My promotional shoots rarely ever go to plan and my wonderful models and team (now used to me) are often spun on their heels for some additional idea I've just had. Don't worry my client shoots are run smoothly usually! Anyway the point being they are always great fun and these shots of Jennie, taken in December 2013 for my Christmas Card and other promtional material, have been fun to go through. To see more of Jennie's shoots please go to her portfolio here .....

With Susie Kennett doing hair and Makup, we spent the best part of 2 days shooting in September and again in December to cover all the styles I had in mind. We lobbed popcorn at her and metallic shiny hearts, pinned Christmas lights into a wig fashioned out the stuffing of a pillow, shoved her in a not so warm pool and pinned antlers on to her head and shoulders. All worth while and great fun for the resulting photos and the memories of some great shoots ......

In my photography I aim to uncover the sensual side that we all possess but too often keep hidden and to capture the spirit. For that to happen my clients need to feel relaxed and comfortable and pampered, so a few years ago I began Vogue Days, a luxury end photoshoot designed to let your imagination run wild, create dreams and be creative with fantasies. Dressing up or down, laughing, feeling special and letting go. Professional make up artists and hair stylists are hand picked to perfectly suit your personal needs. Locations are sourced based entirely on your individual brief, and every single detail is attended to so that when you arrive all you have to do is have a glass of bubbles or two and a lot of fun.

Whether you want to create a stunning album, a unique piece of art or a gift for someone special, I will make you look stunning and feel proud, gorgeous and completely comfortable. I want you to spend the day feeling utterly beautiful, completely liberated and absolutely thrilled with the results.

I wish you a very Happy New Year and please contact me to plan your Vogue Day experience in 2016

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