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Tuesday, 02 August, 2016

Jennie – a Beautiful Blank Canvas

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Born in São Tomé and Príncipe (don’t worry, we missed that geography class too, it’s an African island near the equator) before moving to the Canaries, then Mallorca, then the UK, it’s fair to say that Jennie is drawn to Islands.  Currently working for global marketing implementation agency, Hogarth, in notorious Soho, Jennie is another not-just-a-pretty-face model - in fact she taught herself English just so she could go and work in London.  

Having drunk a vat of water, slathered herself in Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and had around the same number of hours of sleep, Jennie turned up fresh faced for refreshments, a set run through and makeup artist Susie to work her magic strokes. 

Jennie is such a serene-looking model.  She radiates calm through her face, it’s almost hypnotising.  However we discovered that she isn’t completely unflappable (hurrah, she’s human after all). 

Exhibit A – whilst faced with chickens (Casa Samantha Hemsley hosts four chickens, two dogs and a frog – all free range) Jennie gets in a bit of a tiz and must have a fan to hand to delicately flap them away.  Jennie doesn’t do chickens.*

Exhibit B – when asked to pose in the pool (in July, in 32 degree heat, hardly torture) she performs a little “this is bl00dy freezing” dance complete with sound effects. 

It’s always comforting to know that someone who looks faultless has small chinks in their armour.      

“Jennie is the perfect blank canvas for trialling different looks,” says Samantha.  “For confidentiality and privacy I can rarely show off my clients’ photoshoots publically, so experimental days like this are a great way for me to express my creative side, enlarge my portfolio and stay ahead of the game.  Some of Jennie’s shots will become works of art, printed onto wood, copper, fabric, glass, who knows, I am looking forward to letting my imagination run wild.”

*PS Have you read the one about avoiding getting bitten by mosquitoes?  Get a chicken.

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