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Tuesday, 04 October, 2016

Making a Good Impression


“I cannot thank you enough for the introduction.  She is a total pro.  I hate paying for photographers to take photos we could take ourselves with a decent lens.” – Howard Forge, Practice Owner, Santa Ponsa Dental Practice.

Why write the rest of the blog?  We could almost leave it there.

It’s nice to showcase that Samantha Hemsley Photography isn’t always about heavy makeup, elaborate staging, and nudity (although Naked Chef exists – so why not Naked Dentist?!), we also do more ‘normal’ stuff too. 

Corporate shoots are very important.  The photos you use in advertising, social media, editorial, are your window to the world and they need to express your personality and professionalism.  And, if you want to outwit the opposition, you need to have a creative edge, a point of difference, an “if we care this much about our image, you can imagine how much we care about you” message.

Samantha says, “Let’s be frank, the inside of a dental surgery isn’t something that fills many people with excitement and happiness, so we wanted to reveal the friendly man behind the mouth mirror and the latest technology he has at his disposal.  Santa Ponsa Dental Practice is also spotlessly clean but has a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all ages, that needed to come across too.”

Now with a fresh set of photos in the ‘bank’, Howard’s team can crank up their marketing efforts and attract more customers to his already-popular Practice.  If you're having a shoot with Samantha Hemsley Photography soon, maybe you could pop and see Howard for a quick scale and polish - or even some tooth whitening?

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