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Tuesday, 01 April, 2014

Mallorca Calendar girls

Charity projects

In March 2011 I decided to create a Calendar to raise money for cancer charities. It led to a year of working together with some amazing women on the island who donated time, expertise and props. There more information about the creation of the Calendar and the prople involved on the celebrationofwomen facebook page.

Sadly, since it's launch, we've lost Diane, our face of the Calendar who returned to England to be near her family and passed at the end of 2011 and the wonderful Sue Burrows who brightened up every meeting and shoot with her elegance and infectious laugh. We later commissioned a sculpture of Sue which now resides at La Residencia in Deia. The artist, Geroni Bosch captured the spirit of Sue amazingly as we described the beautful hats she wore and her elegant poise.



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