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Thursday, 29 September, 2016

Model Behaviour

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Model Behaviour

For clean, bright pictures that need minimal (time-consuming) post production, where the focus is on you rather than your crazy tan lines (see latticework bikinis), it pays to be a little mindful of your ‘behaviour’ in the run-up to a photoshoot.

To help you out, we made a simple pre-shoot checklist - because we’re nice like that.

1) Let’s start with those tan lines.  If you’re lucky enough to live in the sunshine, don’t spend the week baking yourself on a beach in high-fashion swimwear.  If you have to tan, sneak off to a nudist beach – and for goodness sake don’t burn.  

2) Another set of lines that vexes photographers is strap lines.  Free the nipple, peel off those skinny jeans, unlace those gladiators, and show up in your favourite ‘who cares?’ lounge wear. 

3) Other things that create friction (in both senses of the word) are jewellery and watches.  Get ‘em off.

4) Nail varnish.  Crack open the Cutex, say adios.

5) Body hair is really hard to remove in post production, so get that done beforehand.  We’re talking armpits, legs, ‘down there’ (ahem), and a bit of eyebrow plucking.  Just don’t go frantically waxing the night before or it’ll be chicken skin that needs photoshopping.

6) If you’re spotty or scabby – don’t pick.  Sit on your hands, wear scratch mitts, set up a swear box and stick in a tenner every time you’re tempted.  Just leave your poor face be.

7) Every girl worth her chignon knows that second-day hair is better than freshly washed, so get in a lather the day before.  And rock up with your tresses loose on the day, no ponytails.

8) Remember the Double Eight Hour Rule the night before.  That’s eight hours kip (kills eye bags and redness) and lashings of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – especially on lips.

9) Drink loads of water (NOT loads of alcohol) the night before - helps plump up the fine lines and make you glow.

10) Eat nothing that makes you bloated or sluggish.  Some catwalk models recommend plant-based diets, others the one-ingredient diet.  Some say asparagus is great (diuretic), others pineapple (good for digestion).  Just do what you think is right, unless you think a Big Mac and cheese is ‘right’.

11) Wake up and stretch, or jump, or jog – anything light and non-injury-threatening (!) to get the blood flowing.

12) On the day, contact lenses – out.

But actually, a photoshoot is ALL ABOUT YOU.  If you want to stick two fingers up to the above and do a Julia Roberts, then do it.  We’re inclined to agree with H&M’s latest ad – there are a million different empowering ways to be a lady.

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