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Thursday, 14 January, 2016

Red Velvet, a sari and some gold

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As you know I love fabrics, I've created many sets and costumes with swathes of velvet, piles of tuille, antique curtains and rheams of old saris. I'd wanted to create a red riding hood scene in the woods but it didnt take long for us to realise the velvet was far too heavy to pin around the model's head especially as I was planning to make nice velvet dress later .....

so we trundled back and spread the velvet out under a tree in my garden.

Creative photoshoots invigorate my soul, they are my passion and more often than not are sponatneous .... having felt disappointed I'd not got the sot I wanted in the woods, I grabbed a sari and some gold flakes and rabbited away to Susie about what I was envisaging. We've worked together long enough now for her to no longer look at me in horror!

I'm planning my next shoot with balloons, I hate balloons so will be shooting from a distance!


Email me for a personal photoshoot.

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