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Tuesday, 01 September, 2015

Summer shoots with Sharona

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However appealing (or not) the image to the voyeur, the essence of the image is created between the photographer and the model ....

I can usually find plenty of excuses to avoid finding time to sit down and write my blog and its been eating away at me during these past few months of constantly hot and busy summer in Mallorca. I cringed when I saw that my last entry was October last year, that's pretty lame...... The longer I leave it the more daunting the task seems of course, so I'm just going to write! To be honest it easy enough to glance through my instagram pics which pretty much sum up where I've been and what I've been doing, maybe there's a good catchup point to save me waffling!

Briefly though, since then, I've shot in the deserts and doorways of Dubai, all over the place in Mallorca and in London mostly shooting playfully styled Vogue Day modelling shoots and fantasy themed Sh Confidential shoots. Sh Confidential photos are of a more risqué nature so don't click the link if erotic photography offends you. I felt the two styles of photography needed differentiating hence the two sites.

Last week I had a couple of promtional shoots for my marketing material, it's been a busy summer and I haven't had much time to do many. Sharona, a friend and plus size model I've worked with a few of times takes pride in being sexy, curvy and voluptuous and is stunning. With Marta Lu La doing hair and makeup we've been creative with basques, tapestries, water, biker jackets and boots, lingerie, pinup style, nude ..... Marta has made her look perfect for every shot.

To see more images click here to go to her portfolio.

It's been hot for months here this year so, not surprisingly, pool shots have been popular, mine has been adorned with butterflies, saris, balloons and baubles ...... My super proud moment a few weeks ago was having a photograph I took in my pool of Melanie Sykes  published recently in the Sun, Mail Online and Huffington Post .... you can see the photo on my portfolio here.

That's it for this blog for now, it's been so long since I last wrote one I'm not sure whether I'll publish it properly!

My next shoot is with a snake, wish me luck!

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