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Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

Sunrise with a Glittering Mermaid…

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As a self-confessed night owl, a 4am wakeup call does very little for me – unless it comes with the promise of a sunrise photo shoot with one of my favourite models.

I realise it’s a little naughty to have favourites, but I first met Sharona when she was a self-conscious brace-wearing 15 year old and it’s been a treat to watch her blossom.  Now a stunning 21 year old studying English and Welsh Law at the University of Bristol (beauty and brains – a lethal combination) she has the perfect look and temperament for crack-of-dawn skinny dip all in the name of art.

Escorted through the grounds of the boutique H10 Punta Negra, we stole down to their idyllic pine-scented cove while the guests slept soundly.  As the sun revealed itself over the smart yachts in Puerto Portals, Sharona elegantly revealed herself for a series of sensual yet subtle images.  Ever-smiling (not a throwaway comment, the absolute truth!) makeup artist Susie Kennett was on hand to daub her in baby oil and douse her in glitter.

“I have never had so much glitter and baby oil on me so early in the morning”, said Sharona (I should hope not). 

Calling it a ‘wrap’ at 8.30am we were scoffing full Englishes at Chamelis in Portals Nous by the time the Punta Negra guests had roused from their slumber.  Was the glittering mermaid just a dream?


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